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Does your organization need any money?

Did you know, chances are that 40% of your supporters shop online regularly?

Would you like to capture a percentage of the purchases they are making for free?

That is exactly what we do for nonprofit organizations!

Harness the power of an Internet fundraising program with time-tested, proven technology.

Some of the organizations using our platform...

Economic hardship has affected virtually everyone. Nonprofit organizations are no exception. Is your organization one of the many looking for new ways to:

  • Raise funds without begging or bugging?

  • Give back to your supporters?

  • Perform the mission and purpose the organization was founded upon?

That is what Cash Back Connections offers!

Generate revenue while rewarding your supporters. A true win-win!

Free cash back online shopping memberships allow your supporters to buy what they were going to buy anyway and automatically donate to your organization with no extra out-of-pocket expense.

Your members can shop at 1,400+ online stores and access unique lifestyle benefits through your co-branded shopping mall.

  • Memberships are complimentary for your supporters.

  • Your members shop, earn cash back.

  • Your members refer their friends, family and co-workers:

    • Everyone receives cash from their shopping

    • Your organization receives revenue

    • Your database grows

Revenue from Online Shopping

Your Purchases 36%¹
Member Purchases 20%²
Referral Purchases 10%²

¹ Amount varies by store and is a percentage of purchase amount.
² Amount is a percentage of the listed cash back members receive.

You could actually receive more revenue from referrals than you do from your supporters!

Your members also have access to unique lifestyle benefits available through your shopping mall...

...and your organization earns up to 20% of the retail prices.

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Platform Features

  • Co-branded shopping mall: Insert your organization’s name or upload your logo and you’re ready to promote your program to your supporters. When they shop, they get cash back and so does the organization!

  • Value-added benefits: Valuable, needed benefit services that fill in the gaps of today’s changing marketplace. These programs can save members hundreds of dollars a year on groceries, entertainment, travel, car care, healthcare and more! Each active subscription generates revenue for the organization monthly!

  • Complete tracking: Tools needed for tracking participation. All members that register at your co-branded gateway will be automatically linked to your organization.

  • Detailed reporting: Built-in reports measure your success. The reports include details on members, purchases, commissions, patron email list, and more!

  • Promotional tools: The resource center available to fundraisers includes handouts, cards, graphics and more.

  • Built-in marketing: Every aspect of your site is designed to convert traffic to membership and membership to revenue.

  • Customer service: Because all purchases are made with the retailer directly, customer service for individual purchases are handled by the retailer. Other issues are handled by Cash Back Connections staff.

  • Complete support: Dedicated support team to help your company achieve its goals.

The opportune time is now!

This fundraising program works because it is a win for everyone.

  • Employees, customers, members, supporters and associates win first because they get the lowest prices on and off the Internet, and receive cash back through the shopping portal and a great value on monthly services.

  • Organizations win because they receive a percentage of all shopping and service subscriptions of employees, customers, members, supporters and associates.

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