Employer Program for Businesses

Go ELITE to save big at 100,000+ local stores, restaurants and more! #MUSTHAVE

Provide benefit services to your employees that they will really use and value.

Employer challenges

  • Healthcare rates skyrocketing

  • Deductibles and out of pocket expenses growing

  • Retention and Recruitment

  • Changing Employee Workforce

  • Employee productivity

  • Accessibility and Administration of Benefits

Employees need support

  • Cost effective health programs

  • Flexibility in benefit choices

How we can help.

Provide access to incredible benefit packages that will make your employees and their families healthier, more financially steady, and happier!

Cash Back Shopping Rewards

  • Give FREE memberships to all of your employees

  • Employees shop and earn cash back from more than 1,400 online stores.

  • Employees refer friends and family and everyone receives cash from shopping

Explore our Benefit Packages

These packages are perfect for:

Small, medium and
large employers

Full and part time

Self funded and fully
insured groups

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The choice is yours...

All benefit packages are available at retail to your employees immediately. Contact us after you enroll to discuss and set up any other payment options.


Offer benefit(s) to your employees on a voluntary basis with or with or without Payroll deductions.

Cost Sharing

Share the cost of the benefit(s) with your employees.

Value Added

Pay for benefit(s) provided to your employees directly.

Why provide Cash Back Connections to employees?

  • Strengthens existing benefits package
  • Affordable and Flexible
  • Meeting the expanding need of a diverse workforce
  • No payroll deduction required
  • Minimal to no administration

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